2014 Las Vegas Trip

Last week for 4 days, I was in Las Vegas as my birthday gift from Brian's (my boyfriend) parents.  I'm very blessed and lucky to have such wonderful parent-in-laws-to-be.  Yes, parent-in-laws-to-be.  No, I am not engaged, but Brian and I have been together for almost 4 years, I've lived with him and his parents for … Continue reading 2014 Las Vegas Trip


2014 May Favorites

Hello lovelies!  May flew by so fast; I feel like I say that every month.  I've got a few products here that I've absolutely been loving this month that I feel need to be mentioned. This month, I've loved using the Soy Facial Cleanser by Fresh (review here).  It works great and gets off all … Continue reading 2014 May Favorites

New Launch : Benefit They’re Real! Push up Gel Eyeliner

I'm excited for Benefit's, They're Real! Push-up Gel Eyeliner, said to be launched on June 27th.  Come on, I know you can understand the pains and frustration of doing a perfect cat-eye or your eyeliner is on point on one side, and the other...let's just say they didn't seem to get the memo. It's supposed … Continue reading New Launch : Benefit They’re Real! Push up Gel Eyeliner

Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer

Don't you hate when moisturizers leave a...slimy... sticky like texture on your hands for what feels like forever?  You know, that feeling right after you put moisturizer on.  I prefer my moisturizers to be quick absorbing, especially on my hands--I don't like touching things when my hands feel greasy and slimy. This moisturizer is relatively … Continue reading Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer

What’s in my carry on?

  Oh my gosh, leaving for Las Vegas tonight!  I'm so excited...!!! So, onto the important part, what will I be bringing with me on the plane?  Most of it will be my go-to products that are quick and easy--you're on a plane and don't have much room to work with. First off, I'll let … Continue reading What’s in my carry on?

Sephora Haul

First, I picked up this cute little kit by Beauty Blender that Sephora was selling.  For $39.95, I thought this was a great deal!  One beauty blender by itself is about $20, and then there's a smaller 5oz liquid cleanser as well.  I was in desperate need of a new beauty blender and cleanser.  I … Continue reading Sephora Haul

Flash Back Friday (05.09.14–05.15.14)

Oh my, my first Flash Back Friday post here!  There's so much going on / that happened!  This past week was finals week; ugh, I know!  How many of you finished / started finals week?  Raise your hands, come on.  I've been living off of Starbucks lately and I'm a little nervous for that caffeine … Continue reading Flash Back Friday (05.09.14–05.15.14)