Freeman : Facial Peel-Off Mask | Cucumber


A cheap drugstore mask would definitely be the Freeman Facial Peel-Off Mask; I bought the cucumber one.  I purchased it for $3.99 at my local CVS store.

It can get a bit messy to put on (not to mention around the cap area) and it is slightly difficult to wash off whatever is left on your face after you peel off the majority of it.  I find that it is moisturizing, but if you have dry skin and need a very moisturizing mask, I wouldn’t recommend this for you.  The second ingredient is alcohol, which will dry your skin.  I was surprised that this moisturizing mask contains alcohol in it because it is usually counter-productive.  If you have combination or oily skin, you’ll probably like this mask.

After putting the mask on, be sure to be careful about talking and wrinkling your face.  Once it starts to dry, it can start to peel off on it’s own around your mouth area if you’re talking.  I found that this mask did help my dry spots, however, I had to use it more than two times a week as it recommended.

For it’s price, it isn’t too bad, but I probably won’t repurchase; I feel like I’ll go through this quickly.  I would rather spend more on a better mask that works quicker and I won’t be using it almost daily.  If you’re just looking for something cheap and ‘okay,’ I feel that you would probably like this mask.

On, you can pick up 4 selected Freeman skin products and save $1.  You can also find them at selected Wal-Mart stores and, I believe, most CVS stores.

I hope you found this review helpful!  Don’t forget to let me know in the comments or on Twitter if you’ve tried this product out and your thoughts!

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4 thoughts on “Freeman : Facial Peel-Off Mask | Cucumber

  1. I actually have this mask for a while and it’s still pretty full. -___- I think I’ve only used it a few times and every time that I apply it, the alcohol makes my eyes really sensitive and I found that the mask isn’t as hydrating/moisturizing as others that I’ve tried. Like you, I probably won’t repurchase it, but freeman has other masks that I did enjoy! I go to Walmart and just grab the little packets to try different ones sometimes. I find that the masks from the face shop are better and more hydrating for my skin, so that might be a better alternative for you, too! Btw, I’ve read your other posts here and I’m enjoying them because I know that I can get the products here, which is really nice! Keep it up, Krysti 🙂


    1. thank you so much! Which masks have you tried and liked? I’ve seen some of the individual masks and will probably try those before getting another big bottle; I feel it was a bit of a waste. I agree, since I wrote the review, I haven’t really touched it.


      1. I tried the goji berry hydrating mask and the avocado and oatmeal clay mask, both were okay but I found the clay mask was better for my skin at the time. Hope your trip is going well and that you and Brian are having lots of fun!


        1. We are, we’re actually just about ready to come back home. Flight is at 2 am Vegas time. Brian and his dad are downstairs getting a few last games in before we leave. His mom is relaxing in their room and of course, I’m here working on a few things. Haha.


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