Flash Back Friday (05.09.14–05.15.14)

Oh my, my first Flash Back Friday post here!  There’s so much going on / that happened!  This past week was finals week; ugh, I know!  How many of you finished / started finals week?  Raise your hands, come on.  I’ve been living off of Starbucks lately and I’m a little nervous for that caffeine withdrawal period when I stop taking in huge amounts of caffeine every day.

This coming week, from the 20th-25th, I will be in Las Vegas–exciting!–and I’ve been keeping track of the climate / weather.  Oh, it’s going to be so hot there!  I’ve been planning out my wardrobe and thinking of all the cute outfits I could do.  If you have suggestions, please please please, tell me!  You can always tweet me or leave a comment below, I would love to hear your suggestions and tips!

Posts that went up this past week:

May 12th: The Body Shop : Vineyard Peach Body Butter Review

May 11 th: Top 5 Fave Starbucks Drinks

May 15th: Fresh : Soy Face Cleanser Review

The next time I see you / post the next ‘Flash Back, ‘ I’ll be ending my trip in Las Vegas and telling you exciting stories (hopefully).  Sorry this first post for flash back Friday is kinda boring…. Until next week,

❤ Always,



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