2014 May Favorites

Hello lovelies!  May flew by so fast; I feel like I say that every month.  I’ve got a few products here that I’ve absolutely been loving this month that I feel need to be mentioned.

Fresh : Soy Facial Cleanser

This month, I’ve loved using the Soy Facial Cleanser by Fresh (review here).  It works great and gets off all my make up; even the stubborn water proof mascara!  This facial cleanser is soft and gentle on your eye area which is so nice!  I hate having to use a bunch of different products to get off all my make up; you usually have the eye make up remover, maybe a facial wipe to get off most of your make up, then a facial cleanser.  This however, works great on your eye area and takes off your make up as well.

TreSemme Thermal Creations

So far, I think this is my go to drug store product for hair heat protection.  It’s the TRESemme Thermal Creation heat protection spray.  I’ve loved it since I came across it.  The only junk part is that my local Wal-Mart doesn’t always have it in stock and sometimes I’m trying to make the last of my bottle last before I run out.  I feel that it works really well and doesn’t leave my hair dry and damaged, or gross and greasy.

Urban Decay Naked Basics

The palette that I’ve been gravitating towards is the Urban Decay Naked Basics.  I love the quality of Urban Decay eyeshadow products.  I can use them without primer and they still last all day or fade nicely (not splotchy like some).  I’ve gravitated towards this palette to create a very natural look using Naked2 as my crease and outer V, then Foxy and / or W.O.S. for a little bit of color, and Venus as my highlight color under my eyebrows.  It gives a very natural look to your eyes without being dramatic or very noticeable.

Jergens Shea Butter Moisturizer

Of course I’ve been loving my recently found Jergens Deep Conditioning Moisturizer (review here).  It’s still not up on Wal-Mart’s website ( I bought it at my local Wal-Mart), however, I did find it online at Target. I still love this moisturizer and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  I use this in the morning and night on most days, or whenever I need it during the day and then again before I go to bed.


Readers, what have you been loving this month?  Anything you suggest I try?

 ❤ Always,




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Little bit of everything blogger from Oahu, Hawaii.

4 thoughts on “2014 May Favorites

  1. Hi Krysti,
    Sorry that I’m responding so often to your posts here, I don’t really have anyone that I can get feedback from or give my opinion to regarding makeup, skincare, etc. LOL I don’t know anyone else who looks at these types of blogs or youtube channels and I actually watch many of them. So when I found your blog I was pretty excited. I heard great things about the soy face cleanser (my sister bought it before and I’ve snuck in a use or two). I found it to be really gentle but it does a great job with making my face feel clean and removing makeup. I also heard about the tresemme heat protectant, but I never bought it because I don’t really do anything to my hair. I love my original naked palette and I was thinking of investing in the naked basics because I think I would use it just as much as the one that I have now. I never got around to spending the money for it though >< Some products that I've really enjoyed (if you want to try some new things) are the Lush Tea Tree Water Toner (it comes in a spray bottle so you can spray it directly on your face or on a cotton pad– super convenient! Just finished my smaller bottle and I think I'll be repurchasing it the next time I'm at Ala Moana), St. Ives Fresh Hydration Spray Lotion (just picked this up today from Walmart in the Citrus and Vitamin C scent and I already love it! It's not greasy and soaks in super fast so you can immediately put on clothes or continue on with your day. I didn't think it would be that moisturizing but so far it seems to be holding up well, definitely would use a thicker lotion for nighttime if you need extra hydration though), baby lips dr. rescue (I've had this for a little over a month and it's the only lip balm that doesn't make my lips peel! Thank goodness. Other lip balms just don't work for me, it's pretty frustrating), Banana Boat Sport Performance Coolzone Spray Sunscreen (I know this is kind of an off product, but it's summer so I figured you might need a good beach sunscreen– the scent isn't the typical sunscreen smell and I like the cooling effect it has, which is nice for beach days), Clean and Clear morning burst hydrating gel face moisturizer (I also had this for a while and I like it because it's light and soaks in quickly. I hate feeling greasy anywhere so usually if I'm gifted lotions, they sit on my dresser for a very long time. This one is hydrating and soaks in quick because of the gel formula. It also smells really fresh), and the last product is the loreal paris lineur intense felt tip liquid eyeliner (I bought this one because the eyeliner I usually use [Milani Eyetech Extreme] was sold out at Longs, but I'm really liking it! I heard good things about it before but I strayed away from it since it's not waterproof, but it holds up well for everyday use. Okay, finally done! Sorry the comment was so long, and you can let me know if you're not interested in my comments, I would totally understand hahah. Great post, Krysti 🙂


    1. Hey Stacey,
      No no! I love feedback! 🙂 You should totally do a blog, do you have one? I mainly started this blog since neither of my close friends are into the whole blog reading, YouTube watching, make up / skin care, thing. They kinda just find things they like and use it and that’s that, they don’t seem interested in listening to my opinions or anything…Haha; not to mention Brian just kinda nods like he knows what I’m talking about when I ramble… Anyway, I prefer waterproof eyeliner and mascara as well; I hate yawning and tearing and seeing black on my finger when I wipe away a tear! I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Lush Tea Tree Water Toner; I think I might have to try that… I’ll have to agree on the greasy feeling for moisturizers, the Jergens one is a little greasy and it lasts for maybe 5 minutes but so long as I don’t touch my hands / rub them together, I don’t seem to notice it that much. If the St. Ives one works out well for you, I think I might need to pick one up myself… haha. Thank you for the recommendation on the sunscreen, I was looking around for a good one for summer; I don’t like that typical sunscreen smell that reminds me of tourists (most of them seem to smell like sunscreen all the time) and the shiny greasy feeling most leave behind. I have the Clean and Clear morning burst exfoliater (I think…) and I love using it in the mornings, I haven’t tried their face moisturizer yet. Thank you for your current faves and recommendations, I think some will be future purchases!


      1. Oh my gosh, that is completely my situation. Except I don’t even try to talk to Stephan about it hahah. I started a new blog on tumblr, but it’s more of a life blog (simplystaceyk.tumblr.com). I only have two actual posts on there and they’re kind of DIY things, but I was also gonna use it to review products– I just don’t know how to really fit it in. It would be cool to have a blog sharing these thoughts though. I’m really glad that we can talk to each other about this stuff now! My eyes water a lot too, so waterproof everything is a must. Plus, since I have the typical tiny asian lashes, waterproof mascara helps with making my lashes more voluminous/long. I LOVE Lush products. I also recommend the ocean salt scrub (also smells amazing!) if you’re looking for a good body scrub. There are also a few bath bombs that I like, too. I wish everything in there wasn’t so expensive, but I think having more natural ingredients may be worth the price? Anyway, glad that I could recommend some products that you’re interested in!


        1. Well, you could do reviews there too, I don’t plan on this blog being strictly makeup & skincare reviews. I would like for it to be a little of everything in my life. I don’t like the idea of different blogs for different things; all in one place is more my thing. Especially as I grow up and stuff, it’s nice to find people that have similar interests etc. I’m not much of a party-goer, I don’t toss myself to be busy with only work and school, and I found that having a blog is something nice and fun to do.


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