2014 Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas

Last week for 4 days, I was in Las Vegas as my birthday gift from Brian’s (my boyfriend) parents.  I’m very blessed and lucky to have such wonderful parent-in-laws-to-be.  Yes, parent-in-laws-to-be.  No, I am not engaged, but Brian and I have been together for almost 4 years, I’ve lived with him and his parents for a little over a year, so it’s just a ‘title’ they’ve given me (daughter-in-law) over time.  Side story aside, they wanted to go to Vegas again and said that since I turned 21 in January, that this trip would be my gift to celebrate one of my last important / big birthdays for a while to come.

Aside from the gambling, we did a lot of other things.  I actually don’t care or enjoy gambling very much.  It was a fun experience, but after losing so much in a day, I was kinda over it.  As for the drinking, I don’t care for alcohol too much, so I didn’t really drink during the trip.  I did try a few drinks, but they didn’t wow me, nor did I like them.  Meh. Haha.

Jabbawookeez Prismcirquedusoleil01

We went to two shows while we were there.  One was Brian’s pick, the other mine.  Thursday night we watched the Jabbawockeez performance.  I really enjoyed it and more importantly, Brian loved it.  If Brian had to pick which was the best, hands down, it was this show.  I feel that it was very well executed and creative; they even interacted with the crowd and had a few audience helpers during the show.  It wasn’t just a sit back and enjoy, it was also comedic and you would enjoy a few laughs.  One lucky girl from the audience even did a little booty slap on one of them from miss interpretation of what she was supposed to do.  Wednesday night we watched Cirque Du Soleil, Le Reve – The Dream.  This was their water performance and hands down, I loved this one the most.  I was impressed at the heights which their performers would dive, or in my terms, plummet, into the water below them.  I found this show to be very awe-inspiring and beautiful.

TroyMzda3-backside01 TroyMzda3-side02

On Thursday, we went to one of the outlet malls near by and of course, I did some damage.  I’ll do another post for all my purchases, don’t worry.  But at the outlet, Brian and I met up with Troy, whom Brian had met through Instagram, and his sexy Mazda3.  While Brian and Troy talked about their cars and Brian did a quick shoot of his car, I walked around the car and took a few photos myself.  I couldn’t help but admire his car.  Apparently his car is very legal in the state of Nevada.  I wish we could modify our cars like this in Hawaii and have them be legal.  Troy said that the car scene there tries to keep the peace between them, other people, and the police so there won’t be trouble and complaints.  If only all car crews here on Oahu were the same!

In-N-Out IceCream Food

Oh, and did I mention all the food?!  So much food!  We ate out every night together as a family and I enjoyed pretty much all the food I got to eat.  Wednesday we ate at In-N-Out together as a family and met up with his cousin and his girlfriend.  Brian’s dad enjoyed it, but since his mom isn’t much of a burger person, said it was okay.  I really enjoyed a new ice cream place that opened recently on the strip.  I believe it was Blvd Creamery?  They had unique flavors like PBnJ, Bacon Maple, Calamansi, and others.  On our last night we ate at this Italian restaurant in the Caesars Palace Hotel.  If you’ve ever eaten at Buca Di Beppo, it’s similar.  The portions are family, to share, sizes, however one plate will feed all four.  The night we went was disappointing, and service was slow, but the food was fantastic.

Anyway, these were just a few things that happened / I went to during the trip.  Readers, do you guys have any trips planned for summer?  Even if it’s just a stay-cation or adventure, let me know!

❤ Always,



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