Trader Joe’s Haul

Trader JoesTrader JoesTrader JoesTrader Joes

Trader Joe’s is obviously one of the locations we stopped by and picked up a few things at.  From my understanding, you can only get their things in their store and if you really wanted to spend ridiculous amounts of money, you can check Amazon.


Things we picked up:

Cookie Butter  |  Cookie & Cocoa Swirl  | Yogurt Covered Raisins  |  Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins  |  Fresh Squeezed Limeade


I’m in love with their Milk Chocolate Raisins currently;  I eat a little almost every day.  I love the cookie butter, cookie & cocoa swirl with the waffle cookies;  I eat two almost every morning.  The limeade was really yummy, but a little tart / sour.  It tastes a lot like lime.  I was expecting more of a lemonade with lime taste.  I liked how a lot of products I saw were organic or natural.  I can actually pronounce every ingredient for my chocolate covered raisins which was a shocker to me; usually there are a lot of other ingredients along with preservatives.

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