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My Summer TagHello loves!  It’s officially summer this Saturday, June 21st!  It feels like summer already here in Hawaii, but here’s a quick tag I put together for you guys.


1. Slippers / sandals or ballet pumps / shoes?

I would have to go with slippers or sandals.  It makes quick stops at a beach a breeze, not to mention how nice it is to have the wind blow against your feet.  I feel that being out and about in ballet pumps or shoes gets too hot.  If you’re going to do a little off roading adventures, definitely shoes (or if your ballet pumps will suffice), but for just simple hanging out, slippers or sandals are the way to go!


2.  Summer makeup look?

During the summer I like to focus on my eyes since I prefer to skip out on the foundation.  My go-to palette is my Naked Basics from Urban Decay; it’s a great palette for a more simple to natural look.  Sometimes I’ll skip eyeliner and use Crave to create a cat eye.  You can’t forget to contour to add some dimension to your face as well as blush to add some life! For the days I plan to get wet, I’ll usually skip everything except the waterproof mascara, and maybe eyeliner.  Usually I’ll focus on my eyelashes instead just to perk my eyes up a little.


3.  Summer skincare?

SPF is very important!  Don’t forget to have some on before you head out the door.  You want to protect your skin while you can, before it gets too late and you get freckles, premature wrinkles, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, freckles are cute, but if it isn’t something that you get due to genetics, it’s a sign of weakening skin and over exposure to sun without protection.  At the end of every day, make sure you cleanse your face so your pores don’t get clogged with oil and sweat.  Then after, moisturize!  It’s very important to make sure your skin is hydrated, especially after a long day in the sun.  If you moisturize, that natural tan you just got from the sun will last a little longer (for those of you who otherwise use tanning sprays / lotions, now is the time to work a little harder to keep that natural tan).


4. Dresses, skirts, or shorts?

I love dresses for the summer!  It’s also easy to slip in and out of when you’re at the beach; as long as you aren’t wearing a difficult to take off and on kind of dress that is.


5. Shave ice or ‘snow’?

Tough one.  I’d have to say that it depends on the time of day.  During the day, I’d say shave ice.  It’s very rewarding after sweating and baking away in the heat / sun.  But, at night, I’d say snow.  It’s very airy and a nice cold treat to the warm nights.


6.   Summer drink?

I love refreshing lemonades for summer!  Starbucks is literally right down the road, less than 3 minutes away, and I love getting Black Tea, add lemonade, add strawberry.  Although it’s one of my favorite drinks year ’round, I gravitate towards it during the hot summer days.  Fresh home made lemonade is the best though, and can’t be beat.


7.  Pool or beach?

Beach Beach Beach!! The pool is so convenient, since again, it’s less than 3 minutes away, but nothing beats the beach.  The drive and traffic is displeasing and a bit boring, but the sand beneath your toes, salty air against your skin; it’s hands down, the best.  I also pick smelling like the beach over smelling like the pool; salty sea water over chlorine any day!


8.  Sun bathing or fake tan?

I see that a lot of people are starting to ditch their fake tan for sun bathing now that summer is right around the corner, but luckily for me, living in Hawaii has also meant that I’ve never tried, or even thought about trying, fake tan.  So of course, sun bathing!  I find it very relaxing to be out in the sun with a good book in hand.  Relaxing at the beach and reading is even better!


9.   Favorite thing about summer?

No.  School.  Haha.  It’s time to unwind and relax on those days off from work.  No need to head home to work on an essay or study for an exam.  Just chill and relax!


10.  Vacation?  Trip?  Anything planned?

Nope.  Just playing by ear this time around.  Right after school ended, Brian and I, and his family, took a trip out to Las Vegas for about 4 days.  A lovely quick get-away.  I plan to enjoy summer with friends this year as some are coming back home, done with college, and starting full time jobs.  I’m so excited for them, but want to get in as many hang out’s before their “full fledged” adult life starts.


Readers, I tag you!  Let me know below, or in your own blog post (if you have one & don’t forget to comment a link to your post).  I hope you guys have a great summer!! XoXo

❤ Always,


 **The image used above was designed and made by me, you can use it if you want to do the tag as well**


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