The Body Shop Haul

Took another trip to The Body Shop, and was only planning on buying one thing, a new body butter.  Of course I came out with a few extra items.  I originally went down to pick up a new body butter because I enjoy their peach scented body butter(review here), however, Brian doesn’t.  So I decided to go and pick up another one and I found more than I needed.

Blueberry and Raspberry from The Body ShopRaspberry ScrubBlueberry Body Butter

Thankfully they had a sale going on for some of the items and one of them was the special edition blueberry body butter for $10 (original price is $20).  I also picked up a new body scrub, in raspberry, for $10 as well (original price was $20).  So far, I really enjoy the smell of raspberry, while blueberry has a slight ‘sour’ smell (not an unpleasant sour or like sour milk, sour) and I’m not sure if I like it, but Brian absolutely loves it.  He’s glad I don’t come to bed smelling of peaches all the time now.

Lip Care

I also picked up their Lip Care lip balm for $14.50.  I know, pricey!  But drugstore brands tend to carry beeswax (which I think I’m allergic to) or don’t seem to work for me and make it worse.  So far I’m really enjoying it and prefer it over their Aloe Lip Care.  I picked this one up because I needed a new Aloe Lip Care, but they were sold out and it’s currently a ‘hot’ item so I decided I’d just try something new instead.

Lip Liner

I’m not usually a fan of lip liners, and sometimes I can’t be bothered, but when I do use them, I like for the lip liner to match the lipstick (which isn’t always do-able).  I saw this translucent one and decided to give this a go since it doesn’t seem common for brands to carry a clear one.  Hopefully it works out well and helps keep that lipstick from feathering out.  This lip liner was $11.50, which isn’t too bad of a price (although still a bit pricey).

Readers, what do you love from The Body Shop, or what have you been wanting to try recently?  Let me know in the comments below!

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