It’s A 10! Miracle Leave In Product

It's a 10!

I’ve heard some people raving about this product and I picked it up when I came across it in my local Target.  Do I think it’s worth the hype? No.  It’s okay, I guess.  It claims to do ten things for your hair instantly.  I don’t think that it does those ten things instantly, and sometimes not even over time.

1. Repairs dry, damaged hair.  Um… It did help to hydrate my dry hair, but it doesn’t make my dry damaged hair feel repaired.

2. Adds shine.  Meh. It doesn’t look like it’s that big of a difference.

3. Detangles.  Yes. I can agree that it does detangle.  It makes brushing through my hair a lot easier.  Especially after towel drying or in the morning after I wake up.

4.Controls frizz.  I do notice that my hair is less frizzy as I go about my day.

5. Seals & protects hair color.  I had colored my hair prior to using this and it didn’t make the color last any longer.  If it’s meant for your natural hair color, I wouldn’t know if it works or not on protecting your natural color.

6. Prevents split ends.  I didn’t notice any split ends going on so I will agree that it does help prevent.

7. Stops hair breakage.  My hair does seem a little stronger and healthier.

8. Creates silkiness.  It does leave my hair feeling smooth and silky.

9. Enhances natural beauty. Again, my hair was colored prior to use and it didn’t help the color last longer and keep it’s vibrancy.  I’m not sure on if it enhances my hair’s natural beauty.

10. Flat Iron spray & thermal protector.  I don’t think it works that great as a flat iron spray.  I don’t feel it does a good job on protecting my hair from my flat iron.  I prefer the TRESemme Thermal Creations spray.

Overall, I think the product is okay.  I do love how my hair feels silky and smooth after use and my hair seems to be healthier.  I did start using this product to see if it would help my hair because my hair was in a junk state after a few different color changes within 6 months.  This product is very expensive and I probably won’t be getting another one anytime soon; I’m probably going to try a hair mask next to see if I can get similar or better results.  I think this product was about $20 for 4 fluid ounces, which I find to be more than what I would want to pay for it considering it didn’t do all 10 things for my hair.  I guess for the price, I was expecting more from this product; perhaps I expected it to awe me and to fall in love with it.

I did purchase this a little over a month ago and used more than half the bottle and it still doesn’t awe me.  Unfortunately, for me, this wasn’t a product that worked.  Hope this review helped.

Readers, have you guys tried this before?  What are your thoughts on it?

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