Beauty Products In My Purse

What's in my purse? What's in my purse? What's in my purse?What's in my purse?

Every oily, sweaty girl needs some sort of blotting sheet in her purse.  Raise your hands if you have an oily t-zone!  Throughout the day my t-zone will get a little oily and shiny and I reach for my blotting sheets.  I like these because they are also for sweat–perfect on these hot summer days!

On the days that I do wear foundation, which isn’t that often in this heat, I carry my compact pressed powder foundation for touch ups.  I don’t usually do a touch up, but if I’m going to a graduation party or somewhere that I feel I should look a little more put together, I will.  My pressed powder is by Cover FX, their pressed mineral foundation, in shade N30.

Can’t forget your lip products! I have two balms, both from The Body Shop.  One is their Lip Care SPF 15 with Vitamin E, the other is their regular Lip Care.  I also carry around the lipstick or gloss that I might be wearing that day.  I’m currently trying out Maybelline’s Elixir in 040 Vision in Violet, and The Body Shop’s Lip Line Fixer.

And then there’s my mirror.  My cute Hello Kitty mirror.  Can’t be walking around with food in my teeth or lipstick not on my lips or eye liner so badly smudged I look like a raccoon.  Mirrors come in handy; simple as that.


Blotting Sheets (might be sold in your local CVS store / store that carries Japanese beauty products) |  Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation (Sephora link here) |   Lip Care SPF 15 with Vitamin E  |  Lip Care  |  Lip Line Fixer  |  Maybelline Elixer in 040  |  Similar Hello Kitty Mirror here and here


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