5 Things About High School

Hello my loves.  Some of you might be entering high school this year; I know my sister is.  Here are a few things I wish I was told before I started high school:

  1. Don’t try to impress people.  You might end up over-doing it and look like a complete fool.  A full face of make-up isn’t necessary, wearing heels isn’t necessary, acting like a know-it-all is annoying, and don’t pick fights with a Senior.
  2. Relationships are nice, but don’t actively look for a partner.  No guy is serious about you being ‘the one’ in high school.  You don’t know how reality is, and neither do they.  High school is when you should be focusing on yourself, be comfortable in your own skin before you find someone you can be you around.  If you don’t know who you really are, your partner won’t know either.
  3. Sex.  If you do it, be smart about it; don’t be that girl who ends up preggo before graduating high school.  If you can wait, which I know you can, don’t do it.  Honestly, wait for the right guy.  The right guy will nevertell you that, “if you loved me, you would,” he would never pressure you or constantly bring it up, or even try when he knows you want to wait.  Trust me.
  4. Join clubs, teams, activities.  They will help you make a ton of friends, gain experience, and it will take up some of your time.  At the end of your school year, if you’re surrounded by people you don’t know during your graduation ceremony, you did it wrong.  You might also end up finding your passion and future career while you’re just having fun.
  5. Enjoy it while you can.  Sure you want to grow up and you’re excited for it.  You should be.  But take in high school while you can.  Make the most of it.  When you graduate, you either start your career, go to college, work part time, or a bunch of different things at once.  You start paying bills, maybe start loans, all of which requires money and hard work.

Readers, if you’ve already graduated high school, what are some of the things you wish you knew before entering?  If you haven’t graduated yet, are there any questions or things you want me to talk about?  Let me know in the comments below!

❤ Always,



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