15 Things I Won’t Wear Tag

Hello my loves! Sorry for the late post, but I was tagged by the lovely Vanessa, of ThatChicFashionBlog. You can see her bottom 15 things here; maybe you’ll see some things you can’t stand to wear too! Now, onto the things I wouldn’t wear:

15 Things I Won't Wear

1. Bejeweled / Bedazzled things.  I just… I just can’t.  I can handle it to an extent, but once it covers more than 10% of your clothing, we have a problem.  How is wearing bejeweled pants comfortable, like, doesn’t it hurt to sit?

15 Things I Won't Wear

2. Excessive Animal Print.  No.  Just. No. Never.  Small accents are okay with me, but being covered head to toe in this… yeah, no.  I think it looks okay when it’s just shoes or just sunglasses.  Keep in mind, don’t pair this with other patterns; keep it simple.

15 Things I Won't Wear

3. Flared Jeans.  I was into this when I was in elementary and middle, but after 6th grade, I was over it and I thought it looked weird on me.  I don’t think I’ll be revisiting this old trend anytime soon.

15 Things I Won't Wear

4. Platform shoes.  I like the look of some, but it’s just not for me.  You’re more likely to catch me in platform heels, not shoes.

15 Things I Won't Wear

5. Vulger Graphic Tees.  I think my grandfather would throw a fit, and my mother would be embarrassed, my dad would probably shake his head, and my grandmother would scold me.  Aside from the disapproval from my family, I was never really into this trend.  I’m not a huge fan of wearing shirts that have words on them, and having the shirt say F*CK YOU isn’t appealing to me.

15 Things I Won't Wear

6.  Pot / Weed Designs.  I don’t need to know that you’re into weed and being high.  I also don’t need to be walking around getting the stink eye from adults.

15 Things I Won't Wear

7. Choker Necklaces.  I really can’t stand the constriction and that feeling.

15 Things I Won't Wear

8. Crocs. Never really liked them.

15 Things I Won't Wear

9. Fur.  I’m okay and guilty of faux fur, just not the entire jacket or outfit.  That’s just too much.

15 Things I Won't Wear

10.  One Shoulder.  I think it looks weird on me, and kind of in general.

15 Things I Won't Wear

11.  Circle Glasses.  It does look good on some people, but it looks really weird on me.

15 Things I Won't Wear

12. Black Lipstick.  I just can’t.  No.

15 Things I Won't Wear

13.  I think a few feathers on accessories are okay, but they should stay off clothes.

15 Things I Won't Wear

14.  Monogrammed stuff.  I just don’t think they’re cute.  Or at least not this ‘font’ or style.

15 Thinks I Won't Wear

15. I don’t know how I feel about camo yet, but colored ones are a for sure no.

Readers, let me know in the comments below what you would never wear.

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