Beauty Review: Benefit They’re Real Gel Eyeliner


Hello my loves, I’m sure you’ve all seen at least one review on Benefit’s They’re Real Gel Eyeliner by now.  Whether it have been a good or bad review, I’ve been seeing this product pop up all over social media.  I was shopping around online on Sephora, and they had an offer of a trial sample size of it, so I picked it up as my promo gift / code.


I’ve been trying it out for the past few days and I’m not sure if I’m sold.  Some days I’m enjoying it, others I’m not.  This product does set and dry rather quickly so if you aren’t used to working with gel eyeliner, I would recommend starting with Maybelline’s Gel Eyeliner (review here) as it dries slower.  I do feel that Benefit’s eyeliner tugs at my skin a little and once it starts drying, it’s hard to work with.

This eyeliner comes with a $24 price tag and 1.4 g of product.  I thought of it to be pricey considering how much product you end up not using (you’ll read it towards the end of this post in tips).

I do like the concept of it, but I don’t like the cost of it considering the amount of product.  If you’re not good at applying gel eyeliner with a brush but prefer the look of gel eyeliner, then this is currently the only product like this in the market and if you’re good at applying it quickly, then I would say you’re safe to get this product.  If you’re okay with a brush, I would recommend sticking with the potted gel eyeliners.  As I continue to use this product, if I end up falling in love with it, you’ll see it again in a monthly favorites, and when I use it up, I’ll talk about it in an empties.

Tips : Follow the tip of clicking 8-10 times or until product starts to come out, and on a piece of paper or tissue, wipe away the first few clicks worth of product.  You think you’re wasting product, but you’re saving yourself from already semi dry, hard to work with product.

Every application after, wipe away the first click or two, I felt that it had started to dry out and wasn’t applying as easily has a few clicks after.

Readers, have any of you tried this product?  What were your thoughts?  With all the reviews out, how do you feel about this product?

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