Hello lovelies,

It’s so sad to say good-bye to late, carefree nights.  This past Saturday was a fun filled night, and a great way to end these summer nights.

2014 Waipahu Soto Mission ObonFirst on the list was Obon, a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of our loved ones (ancestors).
For the past 7-ish years, I’ve attended Waipahu Soto Mission’s Obon to celebrate my late-great-grandfather’s passing; as this was the temple he used to go to.  It’s always fun to get in touch with your roots and celebrate with loved ones. In Hawaii, we call it Obon season, as all the temples hold their festival over a course of a few months, starting in June and ending in August, at the different temples.  The festivals usually take place on a Friday and Saturday and one usually attends their hometown temple’s Obon, but many travel to other nearby temples as well.

Bond Fire


After, we went to a beach and joined our friends at the bonfire.  It was a crazy fun night and I met a lot of new people and made new friends that night.  Unfortunately I had work at 8am the next morning so I left a little after mid-night; the drive back home is a little over half-an-hour.  It was such a beautiful clear night and it was so nice to get away from city lights and to be able to see the night sky.  Unfortunately I had left my camera behind so I had to use my phone, which of course, couldn’t pick up the beautiful sky.  Towards the end of my stay, I ended up laying down and taking in all the beauty and saw several shooting stars.  Something about star gazing is just so relaxing and really makes you think about everything.  I was so grateful for the beautiful night and to be surrounded by so many loved ones and friends and to have gotten to meet many new people as well.

Now it’s time to kick my butt into gear and get ready to start school again.  But I would have to say, this has been one of the most memorable summers yet.

How did you end your summer?

❤ Always,


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