Empties #1

Hello lovelies,


Over the past few months, I’ve managed to use up a few products.  Here I’ll just do a quick review and let you know if I think it’s something I would re-purchase.


First up is It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product (review here).  I thought this product was so-so, as it fell short of it’s promises.  I did notice right away that my hair was a nightmare to brush through and this product really did help untangle the mane.  Would I repurchase?  Not right away.  I am trying a few other things out and so far, I’m liking them more.  Versus using one product, I am using more, but in combination, I feel it works better than this single product alone.



Kat-Von-D makeup setting spray.  I did like this product and I did feel that it helped to set my makeup and help it last a little longer throughout the day, however, I still love Urban Decay All Nighter better.  I recently bought a new bottle of the Urban Decay one and I have a little bit left of Kat-Von-D left to test the two against each other to see how I feel they held up; you can expect a future post on that!  Based on how it performs


As you can see, I’ve cleaned this container completely!  I absolutely love The Body Shop Body Scrubs.  I have this in Raspberry as well.  These scrubs give a very nice exfoliating scrub down and I love the scents. I do find that sometimes the little scrub things in it are hard to wash off, but it isn’t that big of a deal to me.  I’m excited to collect more, and they usually have great deals or items on sale.


I finished up a little container of this, and I think it did a decent job.  It didn’t awe me, but it worked fairly well.  I did enjoy the cool gel texture in the morning to help wake up though.  It says it’s for dry skin, and I did feel that it helped moisturize my dry spots and it didn’t irritate my skin or anything.  I did find however that if I packed on a little too much and use it twice a day, that I would sometimes have a few blemishes.  I wasn’t concerned about blemishes though since I use F.A.B. Facial Cleanser that we all know I love.  I don’t think I will repurchase but simply move on and look for something I really like.

I hope you found this helpful, let me know in the comments below any products you finished, or recommend me to try next!

❤ Always,



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