2014 September Favorites

Hello lovelies, This month has been quite the ride!  School is in full fling and midterms are coming up, and there's just so much going on!  Please do let me know in the comments below what you've been up to this month or links to your September favorites; I'd love to read them.  But now, … Continue reading 2014 September Favorites


Blogging Tip : Be Active

Hello Lovelies, Some of you have been wondering how to get appreciated by other blogs or PR companies, and asked how I do so.  My Blogging Tips series will be me trying to answer all your questions as best as I can, and maybe inspire your future posts. This post is focusing on being active.  … Continue reading Blogging Tip : Be Active

My Sick Day Regimen

Hello lovelies, It's flu season, yay!  Not.  I ended up catching a cold this week and with the flu going around, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what I caught.  Thankfully I wasn't sick for more than a week, and I'm on the road to recovery.  Being sick makes me a little depressed, as I'm … Continue reading My Sick Day Regimen

Healthy Snacks by Nature Box

Hello lovelies, Today I will be talking about NatureBox.  I recently started my subscription with them and I was so excited when my box arrived, that I forgot all about pictures for my blog and decided that I'll post what I got in my next box when it arrives later this month.  This post will … Continue reading Healthy Snacks by Nature Box

Back to School Tips + Perfume Sample Give-Away Winner

Hello Lovelies, Back to school again!  Yay...?  This is my Junior year in college, I'm a Business Administration Major, focusing mainly in Marketing.  Here are some of my tips for college, but could also be modified for school: 1.  Don't think you can continue your 8 AM classes into your college career.  Some of you … Continue reading Back to School Tips + Perfume Sample Give-Away Winner