Back to School Tips + Perfume Sample Give-Away Winner

Hello Lovelies,

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Back to school again!  Yay…?  This is my Junior year in college, I’m a Business Administration Major, focusing mainly in Marketing.  Here are some of my tips for college, but could also be modified for school:

1.  Don’t think you can continue your 8 AM classes into your college career.  Some of you can handle and do it, but most of the time, you’re going to absolutely hate it and have no idea how you did it in High School. I did this one semester for my Hawaiian Studies class, and I don’t think I’ll do it again unless I absolutely have to.

2.  Layers!  Living in Hawaii, and my school being on the hotter side of the island, it doesn’t feel so great walking around campus bundled up.  Being in AC rooms, it can sometimes get a little chilly.  Layers make it quick and easy to adjust to the climate and your surroundings.

3.  Study.  I know, “no duh Krysti.”  But for realsies, don’t procrastinate.  You’re likely to have exams close together and cramming two courses in one night is not going to be in your favor.  Read a little every day and study a little every day. At least not everything on the exam is going to look like a foreign language to you.

4.  Remember to take a break.  I know you’re likely to be juggling school and work, but if I can do it, so can you!  Taking a break is important.  If you’re constantly go, go, go, you’ll eventually burn out.   If you burn out around finals, it could be devastating.  Go out, have lunch with a friend, watch a movie between homework, etc.

5.  Don’t go and eat everything that’s bad for you.  Don’t be cheap, if you can help it, and try to stay away from fast food.  Take the time to eat something you make yourself, or at least snack on fruits and veggies.  I used to have a diet of fast food during the school semester and when I went on break, I ate super healthy.  When school started back up and I ate unhealthy again, I noticed a dramatic difference!  I felt sluggish and gross, my stomach would hurt and I just wasn’t happy at all.  I do eat fast food here and there because, honestly, it is fast and easy and cheap, but majority of my food is healthier than fast food, and my snacks are healthy or at least all natural.  I will be having a NatureBox post coming soon!

That’s all for now loves, let me know what other tips you want me to talk about!  Let me know what you are majoring in, or what you want to major in! I really really want to know; I know, I’m kinda nosey.

❤ Always,




GIVE-AWAY WINNER: Paula C. (Twitter: @Sexyknickers68 )

Congratulations Paula! I have sent you an email, and if you could reply ASAP, that would be fabulous.  Thank you to all the wonderful entries.  You can be sure that there will be more future give-aways.  I have plenty in mind to go with some of my future posts.  I am thinking about starting twitter give-aways as well, so be sure to follow me over there (@KrystiEncounter )


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