Blogging Tip : Be Active

Hello Lovelies,

Stationary01Some of you have been wondering how to get appreciated by other blogs or PR companies, and asked how I do so.  My Blogging Tips series will be me trying to answer all your questions as best as I can, and maybe inspire your future posts.

This post is focusing on being active.  Being active means to interact with other bloggers and readers.  You can be active in several ways:

  1. Comment on other blogs.  Find a blog you like, read some of their posts, and leave them comments.  It doesn’t have to be blogs limited to the same content as you.  Recently, many of you came from blogs that talk about controversial topics or just blogs that spark conversations and discussions.
  2. Find bloggers who share same interests with you, and spark a conversation.  Talk to them, either in their comments (which can be hard sometimes), or email them.
  3. Shoot some ideas around either through your blog or twitter, or any other social media.  You can ask for a guest blogger, maybe do a beauty swap (I did one with Megan here).  It gives you a great opportunity to get to know someone, as well as open your blogging style to another audience who might never of heard of your blog before.
  4. The easiest way is to keep up with your blog.  It’s a wise idea to keep a consistent schedule, but your readers will understand that you may just have a whole other busy life away from your blog.  However, don’t be missing for longer than a week or so without an advance notice.  Your dedicated readers will notice and you might end up losing a few readers.  You want to keep your credibility with your readers.  If they find you a waste of time, or unreliable, they’re most likely to leave.
  5. Talk to your readers.  When someone leaves you a comment, reply back.  Even though you might just send a simple “Thank you,” it shows that you took the time to read their comment.  It’s a small thing to show you read the comments they send you and you don’t take your readers for granted.

Hope this helped, leave your comments and suggestions below on what you want me to talk about next!




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