2014 September Naturebox

Hello lovelies,

I know, “Krysti, really?  September’s box?!”  Yes, September’s.  I got this one late in the mail and I’ve just been so busy.  I snapped the pictures a week after I got the box and just haven’t had much time to sit down and edit everything.  I’m currently playing catch-up and getting ahead in posts so I don’t need to worry too much as the end of the semester is coming up fast.  Let’s just dive right in!

Not all the snacks are from one box.  A box comes with 5 snacks; this post is made up of the snacks from this box, and a few from the last one.  This is just a quick post to kind of show you what I got this time around, and I might do a post later to talk about what I liked, what I didn’t, and maybe a little description.

BakedCheddarPotatoFries CherryVanillaGranola LemonTeaBiscuits01 MapleHabaneroPretzelPops  SeaweedRicePops SourdoughCheddarPretzels WholeWheatRaspberryFiggyBars01MySnacks&Me

Can you tell that I absolutely love the seaweed rice pops?!  They taste like a healthier version of Kakimochi.  I also love the fig bars, they taste so much better than Fig Newtons, in my opinion anyway.  I had raspberry one you see above and an apple one, but that was long gone before I got around to taking the pictures.

Do any of you lovely readers subscribe to NatureBox?  I highly recommend!  Also, let me know if you want me to tell you which ones I liked so far, and which ones I haven’t.

See my previous post about NatureBox here; I explain a little about them!



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