100+ Subbies Thank You + Give-Away

Hey Lovelies, Today's post is a very special one!  I've been a rare sight here on my blog this past month, with my job, training, school, midterms, deadlines, essays, and the like.   Even with my lack of activity, we've gotten to at least 100 lovely subscribers in our little family!  For that, I send out … Continue reading 100+ Subbies Thank You + Give-Away


Holiday Gift Guide: The Girl-Friends

Hello Lovelies, Your girl-friends, best buds, the ones that put up with your venting or crying in the wee-hours of the night or morning, they deserve a little something-something. Tsum Tsum Plush Dolls.  The prices range from $4.95-$24.95.  The adorable craze coming out of Japan has stolen my heart; I've fallen in love with these!  … Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide: The Girl-Friends