Your Health is Important!

Hello Lovelies,

I’m going to try and dedicate at least one Friday a month to a fitness related post as we get healthier together this year.

An important step in your health includes having health care, much like it’s important to have car insurance.  For the same reasons, if something happens, it’s a good measure to have taken.

A very trendy, technology loving, health insurance company known as Oscar Health Insurance has caught my attention and I’m a bit bummed that it isn’t available to myself here in Hawaii.  As of now, they have health insurance in New Jersey and New York, but I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing them pop up all around the States!

Oscar Health

Oscar offers a web and mobile-friendly experience for their members and they believe in using technology to offer that convenience and to be as transparent as possible with their healthcare.  Oscar offers the Misfit Flash bands to their members to track calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken, and sleep quality and duration during all activities rather than just walking or running.  Each Oscar member can get a free Misfit Flash tracker and the opportunity to earn one dollar per day that they meet their personalized fitness goals!


Oscar Health offers various things to encourage you to get fit and make 2015 the year you get healthy.  Take a look at their Facebook for other things they offer and things they’re doing to make 2015 a great one.

What are you guys doing to get healthy this year?




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