Cheesy Last Minute Valentine’s Day DIY

Hey Lovelies,

VariousSayingsValentine’s Day is tomorrow!  Ahhh!  What are you guys going to be doing?  Have anything planned?

This is just a quick post for cute, silly little things you can attach to cheesy gifts for coworkers, friends, or even your significant other.

IThinkYoureJustWriteMy coworkers love to lose pens and borrow from my stash of pens.  So one of the gifts will be pens.  A cute Valentine’s day way of gifting is to say that they are the ‘write’ one.

ILoveYouToPieces YoureTheBeesKnees

Just a few more examples.  “Bee my Valentine” and “You’re the Bees Knees” are some of my favorite.  Just add any Burts Bees product, and you’re set!

A few other sayings I think are cute would be, “You’re Soda-mazing,” “I love everything you Dew,” and “I cereal-sy love you!”

What are some cute Valentine’s Day themed things you guys did?  If you have pictures or posts, leave the link below, I’d love to come check them out!



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