Non-Beauty Favorites

Hello Lovelies, Here are a few non-beauty things that I've been loving, some for quite some time! This is a newer addition to my collection of things and I've absolutely been loving it.  I use it as a jewelry holder to hold some of the things I've been into wearing lately.  I found this at … Continue reading Non-Beauty Favorites


Catching up with Krysti: Feb. Edition

Hello Lovelies, What have you guys been up to?  Here's a quick catch up on what's been going on in February! I've discovered a new obsession.  Milk tea!  I've been taking almost daily trips out to town to get milk tea, that's how obsessed I am!  I tend to go through phases of foods or … Continue reading Catching up with Krysti: Feb. Edition

2015 Easter Egg Hunt!

Hello lovelies, I'm excited to announce that throughout March, you will get a chance to win an Easter egg!  The prizes vary and have been randomly placed in the eggs.  How do you play? Easy!  I will be posting on my social media (listed below), and randomly, there will be an Easter egg hidden in … Continue reading 2015 Easter Egg Hunt!