Catching up with Krysti: Feb. Edition

Hello Lovelies,

What have you guys been up to?  Here’s a quick catch up on what’s been going on in February!

MrTeaCafeI’ve discovered a new obsession.  Milk tea!  I’ve been taking almost daily trips out to town to get milk tea, that’s how obsessed I am!  I tend to go through phases of foods or drinks that I crave and this time around, it happened to be milk teas.  One of my favorite places is Mr. Tea Cafe.


VariousSayingsFebruary contained this day called Valentine’s Day.  While I my significant other and I don’t really do anything special, I spoiled my lovely co-workers silly and made a bunch of silly small gifts for them.  You can read the post [ here ].  I love spoiling people and giving gifts, it’s just so much fun.  I thought this year would be fun to be a little cheesy and lame and do this small thing for them.

APlaceToEatMy best friend and I have gone on quite a few adventures this month.  Luckily we’ve had similar schedules and have been able to grab lunch together or go on adventures.  The picture above is at ‘A Place To Eat’ near University of Hawaii Manoa.  I enjoy these adventures and I’m really excited for the ones we’ll go on in March.

Don’t forget to check out my last post [ here ]  and join in on the Easter Egg Hunt!  There’s already one out for you to find, and many more to come!



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