Non-Beauty Favorites

Hello Lovelies,

Here are a few non-beauty things that I’ve been loving, some for quite some time!


This is a newer addition to my collection of things and I’ve absolutely been loving it.  I use it as a jewelry holder to hold some of the things I’ve been into wearing lately.  I found this at TJ Maxx and I’m pretty sure it was under $20.


I’ve been loving to decorate my planner using post-its and sticky notes.  March is a bear like theme.  I found these on Ebay and Amazon for $5 or less!  You just gotta look around at the different sellers to find the best deal.


I tend to not drink enough water, but I’m really picky,  I like cold water and won’t drink much if it’s warm.  Hydro flasks keeps your drink cold all day long!  The longest I’ve had ice last was about two days! Craaazzzyyy!  The best part aside from keeping your drink cold is that it DOESN’T SWEAT.  I can’t stand when condensation happens on my tumblers and cups and a pool of water appears around your drink and gets on your papers or anything near by.  I’ve noticed that I drink more water now by keeping this near by and it meets my ridiculously high standards for a water bottle.

WirelessEarphonesA new addition to my technology-like items is my new wire-less earphones.  I like to use these while working out or just listening to music around the house; especially late at night! It’s the BackBeat Go2 by Plantronics.  They even come with a charging bag for on the go when you’re out and about and need to charge your earphones.  I think these will come in handy for future trips for sure! I bought them here at BestBuy.

SonyCameraYou can’t forget about my camera! I’ve been lugging it everywhere with me.  I want to get into vlogging but it’s really quite weird and you get really weird looks!  Maybe I’ll gain the courage to eventually.  I love the quality for a point-and-shoot and how easy it is to use in Manual Mode; which I prefer.  It’s way lighter than carrying around my DSLR and I feel like I get really good quality pictures still.  I have the Sony NEX 5T.

What are some things that you’ve been loving?  Tell me in the comments below!



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