First Tattoo!

Hello Lovelies,


Oh gosh, I finally got my first tattoo!  It’s been about a month and a half since I got it, and I’m still shocked I got one! I didn’t get it on a whim, and it was actually in the “I’m thinking about it” phase for about a year.  Everything about this tattoo has a meaning and thought behind it.  Everything (okay, minus the colors, they’re just pastel like and my faves).

Location: On my left wrist.  Wrist because I need to remember to never give up, harming myself is never, and will never be an escape or release.  Left one because it’s my dominant hand and I will always see it to remind myself. When I drive, eat, brush my teeth, write, I’ll always see it and remember to never give up.

Outline style: Because I need to remember the simple things in life and remember not to over think things.  It’s the small, simple things in life that I enjoy and I need to hold onto that.

Design: There’s so much unknown out there, and I’ll never get all the answers to all my questions, and that’s okay. Shoot for the starts, the sky’s the limit.

The photo above is the process of about two weeks.  From sitting in the chair to get the tattoo, freshly done, healing process, to the current day look.  I’m thinking of going in to get it touched up because parts of it doesn’t look as nice as I would like, but at the same time, I like the imperfections because, you know, not everything is perfect.

Getting the tattoo didn’t hurt too bad, the pain was bearable and mostly hurt over the veins.  The parts that are above a vein ended up bruising for a week and was sensitive to touch, and I’m very glad it’s done healing.  The hardest part was to not peel the scabs when they started to fall off.  It just looked so gross!

My mom wasn’t too thrilled when she found out (about a month later), and it is against “society norms” or whatever, when you’re looking for a job, but mine isn’t too hard to cover up and hide away, and I don’t think tattoos should label someone.  I’m 22, work 40-50+ hours a week, I’m a shift manager, go to school, work hard, pay bills, and I don’t think that a tattoo should label me as a slacker, or unreliable, or a do-nothing.  Next step, when my grandpa (who’s much like a dad to me and very strict) finds out… Wish me luck with that!

Do any of you have tattoos?  I wanna know / see!  Or, have you thought of getting any?  What would you get?



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3 thoughts on “First Tattoo!

  1. Do not let anyone tell you that a tattoo will hold you back! I have 4 the largest and newest is on my back. I’ve never had an issue getting a job! I have been a police officer, worked for very high level government agencies and major government contracting companies, and now a prestigious university. I also plan on getting other tattoo’s. They are easily concealable with heavy duty concealer or just a long leave shirt or jacket for important meetings. I have never had any of my tattoo’s be an issue. Most people are actually curious on what they mean. If they mean something to you, that’s all that matters! Dont let anyone tell you they will hold you back! Reach for those stars girl! =)

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    1. I wish everyone saw it that way! I don’t see a problem so long as it’s not inappropriate and on a part of my body that is normally visible, I see no harm. My family is very strict though. My mom saw it as “well, it’s already there, what you gonna do about it?”


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