Dear July,

Hello Lovelies, July has been filled to the brim with emotions. July 4th: I lost my great-grandmother.  She's someone I held very dear to me and I miss her like crazy.  Time may not heal wounds, it just gets easier to live with them.  I'll always miss her, but day after day, it gets a … Continue reading Dear July,


Furry Friend Tag

Hey Lovelies, Here's just a quick tag featuring my bunnies. What is your pet's name?I have two bunnies; Sparkles and Truffles. What kind of pet is it and what breed?Sparkles is a pure breed polish, while we believe Truffles is mixed polish. How long have you had your pet?I've known Sparkles for 4 years, had … Continue reading Furry Friend Tag

Oh, hello Snapchat!

Hello Lovelies, I've become obsessed with this app.  It's a fun way to interact with people, see a part of their life, etc.; it's like a mini blog post or vlog and it's really fun.  Here's a snippet of what's been going down in June and July.   Oh, and hey, don't be a stranger; … Continue reading Oh, hello Snapchat!

Quick Hello.

Hey lovelies, June was crazy; July so far, is crazier. Sorry again for lack of posts.  I know I've said it a lot, over and over this year.  2015 hasn't been the best year to me, and I'm trying to deal with a lot in my personal life. A quick update / catch-up, so you … Continue reading Quick Hello.