Quick Hello.

Hey lovelies,

June was crazy; July so far, is crazier. Sorry again for lack of posts.  I know I’ve said it a lot, over and over this year.  2015 hasn’t been the best year to me, and I’m trying to deal with a lot in my personal life.

A quick update / catch-up, so you know I’m still alive, and what’s been going down.  June was spent re-connecting with Brian, my now once-again-boy-friend, planning and creating things for my brothers high school graduation party on July 5th, and my family decided to renovate the kitchen.  Can you imagine not having a kitchen for weeks on end?! This girl, who loves to eat food as much as making it (sometimes), was dying without a kitchen.

I had 2 posts in my drafts, for the end of June, but as my brother’s grad party crept up, and a lot to do still, I never got around to publishing / completing them.  I scrapped them and opted for a 4th of July post I was going to post at the end of my July 4th.

July 4th was one of the worst days ever.  I woke up to my grandfather and my mother calling my phone.  I eventually woke up and answered; it was about 8:15am. My great-grandmother had passed away in her sleep.  I rushed over to his house with my siblings; I couldn’t believe it. She was 84 I believe. I had so many plans and I thought I had so much more time. The past week since then has gone by so fast.  I’m thinking of dedicating a post to just her.  We’ll see.  She wasn’t much of someone to take pictures and all. No matter how beautiful we thought she was, aging was a hard thing for her.  I just wish she knew how beautiful she was and how much I loved her and looked up to her.  Losing someone is never easy.  I think it’s harder when you’re older; when you’re an adult, directly affected by the loss.  You see, now there’s less time to grieve as you need to handle accounts and plan the funeral and follow her last wishes. Some people get things as gifts from her, and just thinking of what she leaves for me, hurts.  Because I don’t want them, I want her; I want just one more moment to see her, to hold her, to hear her, to hug her and tell her “I love you.”

Anyway, my minds been full and my hearts been heavy.  I’m pulling myself back together and I’ve actually set things to go up this week.  I love you guys so much.  I’ll see you soon.



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