My New Fitbit Charge HR

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve recently purchased a Fitbit Charge HR and I absolutely love it!

I went with the Fitbit Charge HR because I liked that I could link it to the app on my phone, or on my computer, and it would sync wirelessly along with other features.  So far I really enjoy the quick view setting where you can raise or flick your wrist to show you the time.

Dashboard01 Dashboard02

I wanted my health watch/monitor to be more than just a pedometer and I was looking into fitness bands that also acted as a watch, sleep monitor/tracker, active vs inactive, calories burned, heart monitor, and also looked fashionable.  I ended up liking Fitbit Charge/HR and Surge series.  It’s about $100 difference between the Charge HR and the Surge.  I decided that the Charge HR will do what I really wanted and the rest was just nice fluff to have.

The sleep monitoring part of the Fitbit is actually really helpful in providing me with a visual of my sleeping patterns and how often I’m restless throughout the night, if I woke up, how much time I was sleeping, how long it took me to fall asleep.

I do however wish it were water proof so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about it, or remember to take it off when I shower or before I jump into a pool or go to the beach.

Do you have a fitbit too?!  Add me / friend me!!! Add me via email :

I think I’ll be starting a new health related series.  Tweet or comment some ideas you’d love me to try out and talk about!



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