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Hey Lovelies,

Obviously, as you can probably tell, we’ll be discussing periods today.  Not the little dots at the end of sentences, but you know, that lovely once a month thing you girls get.  Here are just a few tips, tricks, and some assistance; if you need it.

  1. I know you must have heard of Weylie.  Like there’s just no way you haven’t!  She’s a long time YouTuber and I think one of her top viewed videos is on “How to Put On a Tampon.”  I know I’ve sent this video to my girlfriends when we all started to go about using tampons.
  2. I know Tampons sound scary, but trust me love, there’s nothing to freak out about. My best friend said her first few times did hurt but it wasn’t so bad once she got used to it and wasn’t always so tense and freaking out over it.  I recommend you stay away from the cardboard packaged ones.  The plastic ones slide in a lot easier and feels so much nicer!  I prefer using the brand Kotex.  I absolutely love their tampons; I believe the ones I’m loving are their ‘click’ type.  Where the stick part you push to insert the tampon is already pushed in and when you’re ready to use, you pull it out till you hear a click and then you’re ready to insert it.  I like this style because I don’t have to worry about it accidentally getting “used” if I toss them into my bag.  Before I came across these, I would sometimes have the problem where I’d go to change my tampon, but maybe one out of three that I have were pushed out while they were in my bag; therefore I can’t use it.  Like, what if that one that was pushed out, was my last one?!
  3. Even though you’re using a tampon, use a back up like a pantie liner or pad in case.  I know I leak sometimes, and having that extra layer of protection helps me feel confident that I’m not leaking and showing it.   Nothing is worse than having to constantly worry, “am I leaking??”
  4. Do I get emotional?  I don’t go bat-shit cray, but I do tend to have a shorter fuse and I want cuddles all the time.  Like for reals.  When my boyfriend is at work, I’ll text him and say how much I miss him and I want cuddles.  I feel like cuddles just make everything so much better!
  5. Cravings.  I crave everything sweet; mostly chocolate.  I try to stay away from chocolate and opt for healthier things like fruits, but that doesn’t always work out.  I love milk chocolates and it’s kind of whatever I can get my hands on.
  6. When I get cramps, sometimes I will do some stretches to help.  Cassey from Blogilates has a few stretches [here] and tips that I use when I’m not feeling so great from cramps.
  7. Try to stay away from salty things and drink lots of water!  It will help decrease bloating.  I know those french fries look great, but try to limit the amount you eat.  Drinking lots of water will help too.  If I don’t drink enough water during my period, I tend to get headaches and that’s the last thing you want when you already feel like crap.

What are some of your period hacks?

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