I’m Thankful For…

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope all of you are enjoying your day, and if you work retail on Black Friday, good luck to you and be safe!

Here are a few things I’m very grateful for:

  • The time I got to spend with my great-grandmother.  Losing her this year was hard and I’m going to cherish all the memories I got to make with her forever.
  • All my family; they’ve been so supportive of me and helped me a lot this year.
  • My friends; I don’t know what I would of done without them and they had my back.  When I fell, they picked me up.
  • Brian.  We did break up and stayed separate for about 3 months, but we came back even stronger; or so I think.  We live and work together and I think that 4.5 years of being together and 3.5 years of working together and 3 years of living together got to us.  We never really gave each other the space we needed and all these things we didn’t say to each other got built up till we couldn’t take it anymore.  We got back together a month before our 5 year anniversary and since then, we’ve worked a long way together and communicate a lot better.  I’m grateful for him and all that he puts up with (I know I’m a handful, but so is he).
  • All that I’ve been blessed with.  There were many growing opportunities for me and I’m so grateful for them.  One of them being that less than a year after joining the management team as a shift manager, I got promoted again as an assistant and next month, I’ll be helping to open a new location.  I enjoy the challenge and I’m grateful I got to challenge myself this year in my abilities to perform to standards.
  • Of course all of you, my subscribers.  I know that this year I’ve been really inconsistent and I apologize.  You’ve all supported me a lot this year and I know that I will do better and continue to grow here.  I find a great joy in blogging, but I haven’t made the time to do what I enjoy.  I spend my days off catching up on sleep and missed tv shows.  I’m so glad all of you haven’t completely left me.

What are some things you’re grateful for?



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