Good-Bye 2015

Hello Lovelies,

Happy New Years Eve, and I hope that the new year will bring new experiences and joys into your life.  Let’s do a re-cap on 2015, and say our last good-byes.

Here’s a few moments from 2015:

I turned 22 in January.  I got to spend the beginning part of my day with a best friend, and ended my day surrounded by my family.  While I don’t talk to this friend often anymore, he made such a huge impact on my life, and he’ll always have a place in my life and heart.


I got a tattoo.  My first, and according to my family, my last. Hehe.  I don’t think so though.  [Link to my tattoo post here] I still love my tattoo and don’t regret it once ounce!  I now do realize it is a spitting image of another blogger / YouTuber, but eventually I would like to add on to it a little and have my own twist to it.

I got a SnapChat and loved every moment of it.  Don’t forget to follow me!

An Instagram cut out I made for my brother’s graduation party.

My little brother graduated High School, and I felt super old! Only 2 more younger siblings to go!

The 7th Day
Picture I posted via Snapchat on the 7th day.

2015 was a very hard year, I knew many people who had passed away this year.  One of them being my great-grandmother.  To be honest with you, I keep avoiding her grave.  It breaks my heart to know she’s gone, to face each moment without her.  Not a day goes by where it hasn’t sunken in because a part of me wishes it just wasn’t true.


Brian and I had our fair shares of difficult times this year.  We broke up and were both separate for 3 months before we decided to get back together.  We were together for about 4.5 years before we broke up and got back together about 3 months later.  We spent time to focus on ourselves and work on us being a couple.  Our goals and aspirations, and if we really thought we were it.


And I know that no matter what 2015 threw at me, I came out stronger and I’m very excited and looking forward to 2016.  The sky’s the limit, then you gotta shoot for the stars.

I’m grateful for all of you and I’m excited to push forward and begin a new year and a new journey with all of you.



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Little bit of everything blogger from Oahu, Hawaii.

One thought on “Good-Bye 2015

  1. Hi Krysti! I love how you re-capped your important life events in such an admirable manner, I enjoyed reading it. Your tattoo turned out really nice! And I’m so sorry to hear about your great-grandmother. My thoughts go out to you and your family ❤

    xo, Lynna / howlynnaful


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