Review: Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

Hey Lovelies,

I’ve been given the opportunity to bring you a review on Valentia’s Royal Rose Hydrating Serum.


This couldn’t have been gifted to me at a better time!  My skin has been so dry lately that even though I’ve been putting a moisturizer twice a day, my skin continued to show dry patches.  This serum really helped amp up my moisturizers and help my skin get hydrated!

I’ve learned that Valentia Skin Care products were formulated with natural and organic cosmetic ingredients so I’m not putting chemicals onto my skin that could cause pre-mature aging or burning sensations on my skin.  In my twenties, I want to focus on what I put on my skin and I think it’s really important to take care of it.  It’s the only one you have and you want to take preventative measures before you start showing aging signs.


The product comes in beautiful packaging; the best part is the pump!  I love products that come with a pump.  This serum isn’t oily and is a lotion-like texture. If you love the scent of rose, you’ll love this serum!  The scent is initially very strong, but as it starts to absorb, it gets faint and can be worn as a light perfume. [ Tip: if you have a rose perfume and put some of this serum on your pressure points such as your wrist and apply a complimenting rose perfume, it will enhance the rose scent and the serum will help the scent last longer! ]  It only takes 1-2 pumps and you apply your moisturizer after it absorbs.  The bottle is 1.18 FL OZ or 35 ML and a little goes a long way!

The packaging says to apply it at night, however since I had dry patches I wanted to get rid of ASAP, I applied both during day and night after cleansing.  Even after my dry patches were gone, I continued the day and night routine and have not noticed my skin getting oilier or anything of the sort.

I’ve been using it religiously for a little over a week now and I can say that I’ve seen a difference.  My dry spots that appeared recently with this weird weather I’ve been having, are gone and my make-up applies smoother.  Note: I did not apply a moisturizer every time and still noticed positive results. 

I’m going to continue to use this product for the rest of the month.  You should come back towards the end of the month and see my monthly re-cap and see my final thoughts!

If you’re interested in trying out the product, you can buy it here.


*The product was gifted to me to try out but this is my honest and unbiased review.

*Links given to me do not affect your price and I do not get paid for buys or clicks.


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