Happy 2 Years!!

Hey lovelies,

OMG! It’s been 2 years! Can you imagine?!  We’ve come so far!  I can’t wait to continue this journey with you all and see where the future takes us.

Let’s see what happened 2 years ago!

My first blog post was about The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum.

I’ve tried so many different products since then, and I ended up giving away this product because I just wasn’t using it and felt it could be useful to someone else.  This product lasts forever! I would add it to my moisturizers to give them a little boost; especially at night.


Let’s see what happened a year ago!


I remember the day before this post, I posted a celebratory 1 year blogging post.  However, it was just a quick “yay, we made it!” type of post and the very next day, I posted this one: Catching Up With Krysti: April Edition.  Do you think I should bring back this series?  I remember having so much fun with these, even though it didn’t last long. 

I also got my first tattoo!  My blog post is [here] where I talked a little about the process, but mostly about why I got it.

Here’s to another year with all of you lovelies!  This year is exciting because I’ve finally got my life put together better and this blog is my priority, I don’t want to lose sight of it because this blog really is a part of me.  I love being here and engaging with you and… I don’t want to lose a part of myself or lose track of a part of me.  I’ll see you soon!



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