Kickstarter: Alterre Shoes; A NEW kind of heels ||AD

Hey Lovelies,


Are you like me and shoes can make-or-break an outfit?  Sometimes you want to change from a day look to night look, can’t go home to change and don’t want to carry to work another pair of heels?  Sounds great!  Alterre Shoes reached out and they are a new type of heels.

You can check out their website [here] and their Kickstarter [here]!  Their kickstarter closes on June 15th!

All of their shoes are designed in their New York Studio and made according to fair labor laws in Brazil. They also donate 5% of the proceeds to the women’s abuse shelter Restore NYC, so while you look good, you’re also doing good and know that some of the money from your purchase is going to a goof cause.

They also have great incentives for people who donate $5 and more (there are different tiers).  If you are going to pick a reward for donating, don’t forget to click on it to insure you are added into that donation group.


Just by taking a quick look on their website, you can probably see that these are definitely priced as “higher” end shoes, and not your Famous Footwear or Wal-Mart and Target finds, but their Starter Kits are a total steal as it offers so much for so little!

Another great deal is their subscription service.  What their subscription has to offer:




These sandals and heels are perfect for the frequent fliers.  You can easily pack 5 different looks into your luggage without having to lug around 5 different pairs.  I know that when I travel, I normally bring one pair of shoes, and a nice sandal I can use for casual or dress it up if I have a fancier event or dinner to attend.

Have any more questions?  You can visit their FAQ section at the bottom of their kickstarter [here].  Here are some of their frequently asked questions that you may have.


I think my favorite pairing is their Cream Carnaval Sandal Starter Kit.

What is your favorite on the website?


**Quick Disclaimer: I was NOT given money for this post


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