May 2016 Life Update

Hello Lovelies,

Oh boy. I know its mid June but there’s just so much I’ve been up too and so much has happened in May.  I think it’s time to tell you and get us all caught up.

  • May 17: My last day working for Pizza Hut.  I started working there when I was 19, in 2012.  I started as a cashier, switched to driver, then in 2014 I joined the management team as a shift manager.  Less than a year later, I became an assistant manager where I stayed till I quit.  December 2015 I helped open a brand new location; I was one of 2 assistants, and 1 of 3 managers permanently transferred to help run that store.  November – February was the most stressful time of my life.  I was prepping for a new location to open, then we opened with 50% brand new staff that has been working for a month or less with the company.  This store was in a food court and oh my goodness it was difficult.  The way we had to run this store was totally backwards and upside-down to what we were used too back at our old stores.  It was a huge learning curve.  I’m really glad and grateful I got to say that in my life time, I successfully opened and ran a brand new location for 6 months till I quit.
  • May 18: My first day working for myself.  You know how everyone says “don’t quit your day job?”  Yeah, well… I did.  It’s almost been a full month of me, myself, and I.  I work under my mom’s small side business and use her account and all, but it’s me making the shots since she put it on the back-burner since it was a hobby for her to do every so often.  I’m trying to turn it into something a little more than just an occasional weekend thing.
  • May 19:  I had a funeral to attend.
  • May 20: Graduations to attend.
  • May 21&22: Helping my best friend prep for her grandfathers funeral.
  • May 23: Attend my best friend’s, grandfather’s funeral.  You guys may know him. Tommy Kono.  Olympic Weight Lifter. [Here’s a google search about him]  He was so sweet and humble.  He never bragged or talked much about his life and was always supportive of his family.  I’ve known him since 2007 and he was such an inspiring person.
  • May 26: My boyfriends birthday.
  • May 11-May 27: Dog sat my uncle’s dog.  She was a handful and has separation anxiety.  That is all.
  • May 28: Attended/worked a craft fair.  Did not go as planned.
  • June 2: Funeral for my relative.  I was the MC and eulogy giver.
  • June 5: Started YouTube.  Still only have 1 video out which you can see [here].  My grandpa’s birthday.

And that brings us to current.  I’m trying Etsy [my shop here] out where I’m more into planner stickers and the like, and I’m also opening one for my mom who is more into the craft side with cards and the like.

I’m trying YouTube.  Which is actually hard.  It’s weird to talk to a camera, it’s weird to edit videos, it’s weird and annoying to hear my voice; I totally don’t think I sound like that, but apparently I do.  I have yet to figure out how to edit better, and be less awkward, and have better quality.

There’s a lot of content coming your way.  Not only am I trying to work with brands (please be patient as I continue to learn the legality of all that), but I’m also trying to find myself.  I want what I do, to be something I love and am overly passionate about.  My boyfriend is overly supportive and supports me emotionally and financially and I couldn’t do it without him, but it’s really time for me to get my shit together and help bring in an income to live off and not just “oh hey, I made a few bucks!”

I’ll see you around loves.  I can’t wait.


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