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Hey lovelies,

I was inspired by Rachel of ThatsChic [Blog] [YouTube], and her #31daysofthatschic. I decided to try and do that too.  I decided to follow the 31 days months because I think some of the fun months are 31 days. January-New Years Day and my birthday.  July-Summer. October-Halloween.  December-Christmas and New Years Eve.  So I think I could manage and come up with enough content for each of those days in those months.

For me, I’m not vlogging for 31 days, but posting either here or on YouTube, each day.  If it goes up on YouTube, there will probably be an accompanying post here.  So more than likely, you can swing by here on the blog for the daily post.

The past few months you guys have really only seen AD posts which I personally am unproud of.  While I am grateful I got to work with these brands and companies, it didn’t showcase me and who I am.  I only posted when I had to, which was when I was given products to honestly review and post about it.  With #31Encounters, while there will be a few AD posts, a lot of it will be more me.  For my AD posts, it is my genuine thoughts and opinions, but it feels less authentic to me because it is a post I have to make, good or bad, versus the other posts are because I want to and there’s no real deadline.

To kick off #31Encounters, let’s catch up!

First off, last month I decided we shall try a new platform; YouTube. Now I did start in June, but I was really disappointed in the videos and took them down.  In a way, I’m a perfectionist and I tend to be really hard on myself when it comes to certain things.  I want to impress you guys and help and just uninspiring, uninteresting, meh quality just isn’t good enough.  My ” official first” video is here when we went to Las Vegas:

Second, I’ve really worked hard this past month.  I decided to help my mom with her crafting business since she does it on the side and teaches full time.  I decided to kind of take it under my wing, redo things and bring it back stronger and, hopefully, better.  There isn’t much on the site / etsy yet so I’ll introduce us later when I’m ready.  It’s still in the works.

And third, I’m really excited for this month and I hope you are too.  I’ve worked on some content already so they are ready to go so I’m not last minute freaking out about posts, and I really want this to succeed.

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!




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