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Hey Lovelies,


When I visited Michael’s for the FIRST TIME EVER, I just couldn’t contain myself.  I just HAD to pick up something.  Who am I kidding, I picked out a lot of things to drag home with me, but my favorite purchase is my new planner / binder.


On the left is my Travel Journal, which is what the Schedule Journal originally looked like.  In the binder I didn’t like that the journal had a spine so I cut it off with an exacto knife and used an edge rounder punch.


I used the hole punch to create lined paper since I couldn’t find any that I liked to fit in this binder.  To give you a rough estimate of how big the binder is, it is just a tad smaller height wise compared to a composition book.


This is what the layout inside looks like.  I’m still trying to find a way that I like it to flow and be organized, but I like the space to write things.  There isn’t a monthly insert so that’s a negative for me, but I can live without it.  I’ll probably make a monthly insert and play with a few designs and layouts to find one I like.

If you guys have any inspiration for how to organize it or a monthly layout, let a girl know!

Till tomorrow,



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