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Hey Lovelies,

I obviously do majority of my work from my laptop, but I need something going on in the background.  I don’t like working in a quiet room, so I’ll have something playing whether it be a show or music.  I mostly enjoy watching YouTube or Netflix, but I can’t work on one page while watching from another.


This app is for Mac Users only I believe; sorry! The app is called Helium and you can download it [here].


With Helium, you can work on a webpage, or in another app like Photoshop while still watching or working on Helium.  Helium stays above all your other windows and you move the app around so it isn’t hovering directly over where you are working.

You can change the location / web URL by going to Location – Open Web URL.



Let me know if you love this app and find this app as helpful as I do!


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