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Hey lovelies,

Over the past few months, my hair has changed quite a bit!  Let’s throw it back and take a look!


This was from April 5th. I had red hair with green / teal ends.  I liked this hair, but the ends ended up fading to this blush-ish tint and the middle was an orange-like color.  Red is a color that I tend to go back to, time and time again.  Despite the fact red is hard to take out when you’re done with it.

GlassesShopSelf01From May to June I went blonde. It was a slow process to get the red out of my hair.  Took a few tries to get the red, and then orange tint out and for my hair to be a true blonde color.

Photo Jun 22, 12 38 20 PM

Then I went pastel purple.  This was from June 22nd.  This was my FAVORITE out of everything, ever.  I want to go back to this at some point, hopefully in 6 months.  I’m currently letting my hair grow and breath from all the stuff I’ve put it through.


Then in July, before the trip to Las Vegas, I dyed half purple and got bangs.  Wasn’t a fan of this one.  I let this fade out.


And here we are to date.  Chopped a lot of my hair off, and dyed it a light brown color with my roots being a little darker.  I plan to let my natural hair grow out and get strong again and hopefully go back to the pastel purple.  But not for a while.  I want my hair to be a lot longer.  I love this haircut though.  It’s asymmetrical so my left side is longer than my right, and it gets shorter as it goes to the back of my head.  Down side is I need to flat iron my hair because if not, my natural waves and curls make my hair go crazy.  It’s so weird to look back, this is the most natural my hair has looked and my hair has gone through so many dyes and changes in just a few months.

See you in the next one.




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