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Hey lovelies,

Okay, I admit, I love all things stationary.  I’m guilty.  Very guilty.  Here’s a list of some of my favorite pen related things.


These highlighters are very similar to Sharpies Clear View Highlighters.  There’s a small window to see what you’re highlighting.  This is by Uni and I found them only in Japan so far.  These last forever and are great quality.  You can also find them here on Amazon and these are their pastel versions.


I am a pen junkie.  I go through pens like crazy and I collect them.  I have a whole case full and then some.  These are just my top current favorite ones that I use the most.   The Gelly Roll pens I like to use to add decoration or color to my planner or cards.  My favorite quality Gelly Roll pens are by Sakura, so they are a higher end pen.


As you can see in my pen case, I do have Sanrio Highlighters.  They are about 3 years old and amazingly haven’t dried out!  I don’t know how but they got misplaced and placed in storage and recently I went through everything and stumbled upon them.  I put them in my pen case to make sure they don’t get forgotten about and gone to waste because I’m sure they will dry out eventually.  I couldn’t find the exact same ones, but the ones I found here, I believe are similar.

Now talking about my pen case.  It’s the Kipling 100 Pen Case.  The link I have isn’t for my design, but one that I really liked and wished I was able to get my hands on.  You should check out your local Outlet Kipling since they tend to have the best deals.  I got mine during an early summer / late spring sale and got it for $20 so I saved $7-$9 on my case.

What are some of your favorite pens and cases?




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