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Hey Lovelies,

Coming back with another one of Revlon’s Ultra HD line, this time the lipstick.  The color I picked up is 820 Petunia.  It looked like a color I would wear and I was right!

It’s not a big down side, but I do prefer lipsticks that can turn all the way down so when I take the cap on and off, I don’t take chunks of lipstick off with the cap.

I find it does cling more to dry spots, so if you have dry lips or your lips tend to dry out throughout the day, perhaps skip this product.  It isn’t drying so if you put on a moisturizer before this, you should be good for the day.

The pigmentation on the other hand is beautiful and it has an even application.  It’s a beautiful color and glides on smoothly.

Unfortunately, this lipstick also isn’t transfer proof so you’ll want to check in the mirror once in a while to make sure your lipstick is still looking good!

Overall rating:  Miss.  Sorry, loves.  If I had to pick between the two, the lipstick or matte lipcolor, even though it was a miss also, I would have to pick the lipcolor.  You can see my review here on Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor.   If you don’t mind the transfer and all, I think the pigmentation is beautiful; just keep in mind, there’s no “wow!” factor.




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