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Hey lovelies,


I’ve been able to work with Valentia again to bring you a review of their Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer.

Claims: A lightweight fast absorbing cream that illuminates skin while providing all-day hydration.  Lightens dark spots, restores radiance, evens skin tone, and diminishes fine lines.


As you can see, my skin isn’t amazing.  I have redness towards the center of my face and around my nose.  This is how my skin looked after using the product for about 5 days.  I can say my redness on the top part of my cheeks aren’t as red, but I don’t notice a difference around my nose.

It does bring a radiance look to my skin, and over time, I did notice a little skin tone evening happening.  I’m sure with consistent use, my skin will start to look better and show more results.

As for it being lightweight and fast absorbing, it might just be the humidity here in Hawaii, but I don’t feel it is fast absorbing, but I do think it is lightweight.  Maybe I’m putting too much on?

During the day, you can put this on before make-up, and I don’t feel it disturbs it at all.  You can still apply and set your makeup without this causing it to move around.

About the product:  It is paraben free, suitable for all skin types, vegan friendly, and cruelty free.  It is a 4.0 fl oz / 120 ml bottle.

Cost: $25 + shipping from or you can buy it from their website for the same price, but shipping may vary.

I think that if you’re in the market for a new moisturizer, this is worth taking a look at.  It’s a good price for the amount of product and it has properties that over time I think will show you great results.  Even used mainly as just a moisturizer, I think its great.  Just remember there is no SPF if that is something you really want as part of your moisturizer during the day.

To stay updated with Valentia, don’t forget to check out their Instagram and Facebook!


*Product has been gifted to me for an honest review; it does not affect my review.

** Links are not affiliate links.


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