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Hey lovelies,

I’m obsessed with YouTube and it’s creators.  One of my favorite… types?… are Vloggers.  Whether they be daily or weekly or here and there.

Daily Vloggers


Casey Neistat: YouTube

He’s a great content creator and his content and quality are amazing.


It’s Judy’s Life: YouTube

She has the cutest daughters and the sweetest husband.  She has 3 channels, one of them being a daily vlog channel.


The Saccone-Joly’s : YouTube

They have the cutest kids and are expecting a third!

Other Vloggers


Anna-Lee and Jesse: YouTube

They vlog when they can, and I love it when they do!  They travel to Japan often for Anna’s work.  They are quite the power couple; Jesse is a photographer and Anna-Lee is a hair stylist.


WahlieTV: YouTube

They are such a cute couple!  They also have the cutest pets!

What are your favorite vloggers?  I would love to know!



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