A Little About My Best Friend || Happy Birthday, Harley! || KrystiEncounters


This is Harley.  She’s probably my bestest, best friend.  She’s also the baby of the group, being Lauren and my birthdays are in January.  Today she turns 23 and next month, Lauren and I turn 24!

She absolutely HATES bugs, but doesn’t mind hissing cockroaches.  She thinks they are super cute and will hold them in her hand and pet them.

She’s got a curious soul and loves to travel and take in all the world has to offer.


She always hated the camera and back in middle and high school, she would remind me that “one day [she] would grab my camera and break it.”  Funny story, one day in middle school on our California trip with the music department, we fought over my camera and all the embarrassing singing and faces I caught, we dropped the camera and it actually broke!  She freaked out, “I never actually meant to break it!” I told her it was fine since the SD card was the one that still had all the photos.  Today though, she still doesn’t like being in frame, but enjoys being able to look back at all the fun we’ve had.


Happy Birthday, Harley!




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