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I took this the night I got it pierced.  I wore minimal eye makeup and no face makeup that day.

Did it hurt?  A little?  The lady warned me prior that it wouldn’t hurt as much as my industrial ear piercing I also got that day, but the eye on the same side of my nose getting pierced will tear up.  No jokes.  I had a few tears fall even though it didn’t hurt enough for me to even want to tear up. My industrial ear piercing hurt WAY more than my nose piercing.  It has a slight pinch and soreness to it, but it isn’t a long lasting, throbbing kind of pain.

Why did you get it? Because I’ve always wanted one.  I’ve wanted one since High School but only now got around to actually getting it done.  For piercings that are visible and a little controversy, I put more thought into it.  It’s on my face and you’ll see it when you talk to me.  I figured a little more thought should go into it since its a little more of a dedication.  It’s also just a piercing.  Unlike a tattoo, if I don’t want it anymore, I can easily remove the piercing.  There could always be a small dent or hole or whatever, but it’s not as ‘permanent’ as a tattoo.  Long story short, I wanted it for a while, got it on a whim recently, justified as, if I don’t like or want it later, simply take it out.

How do you like it?  I absolutely love it!  I’m not a huge fan of the ring I got, but I will eventually change it out to a ring that hugs closer to my nose.  As you can see in the pictures, it sticks out and there’s a notable gap between the ring and my nose.  In that sense, I wish I got the stud type for my first piercing, but having the ring isn’t horrible either.

The following photos were taken 2 weeks after so you can see the difference.  


Let me know if you have any questions!



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