Good-Bye 2016 , Hello 2017! || KrystiEncounters

Do you remember these?

And these were only SOME of my hair transformations over just this year alone!

Or when I quit my job at Pizza Hut in May?  I’ve had that job for 4 years and I grew a lot there and made lifetime friendships with the management team.  I still talk and keep up with them today; we even grab dinner or something sometimes.  Not a day goes by that I miss being surrounded by the team I helped create and build, but I’m so grateful I took that leap to leave and continue to grow even more.

In September, I got hired at H&M.  I didn’t make management team, but that’s 100% okay.  It allowed me to really learn and grow in retail and I’m still learning everyday.  Having had management under my belt, it helped me be confident and independent.  I’m glad to have gotten the opportunity to work for such an amazing company and I can’t wait to see where I’ll go.

I haven’t gotten to dress up in a while!  Since I worked at Pizza Hut, dressing up meant dressing comfortable on my days off.  Being at H&M, I got to have fun and try different styles and really just have fun with fashion.  The first month was torture, I wasn’t used to being on my feet so much, having the 3 month break between jobs, I was used to sitting and relaxing! Haha~

I got to work with some amazing brands this year thanks to all of you lovely people that support me and follow.

I even got to go on an amazing trip with my family.  It was so much fun and so different to go with my boyfriend, my parents, and my grandpa.  He likes to go to Vegas and he had us join him this time around.  I’ve never gone on a trip with just my parents in a long long time.  I’m the oldest of 4 children, so any trip that happened with just my parents was when I was 5 years old or younger.  It was fun to go with just them and as adults.  It’s different when you’re an adult versus when you’re still… little/young… ‘ya know?


While our new President got elected, one of my best friends suddenly passed away.  I was torn to bits.  She’s still my phone’s lock screen, screen saver.  I miss her cuddles.


After some time passed, we got two puppies.  They are quite the trouble makers and I can’t wait for them to mellow out a little.  Just a little.  They currently chew on EVERYTHING and the one on the left, Hikari, she even pulled out my nose ring because she likes to jump and bite at your face.  It’s hard to train her to stop doing it.  Experts say to not react, but it’s hard to not flinch or shy away from a dog leaping at your face!

I got a nose piercing.  Parents and my grandpa didn’t get toooo upset.  You can tell the disappointment in the head shakes, but it was a better reaction than what I expected.

I’m so grateful for everything that happened this year, both the good and the bad.  I know 2017 will be even better.  Let’s make 2017 one for the books. 




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