2017 Challenge | KrystiEncounters

Simply put, I want to do things in 2017 that will challenge me, take me on new experiences, etc.

Here’s a quick list of some things I want to accomplish this year:

  • Go on a trip  [Planning on one in June 2017]
  • Participate in a vlogging month like Vlogmas, etc. (at LEAST one)
  • Read 5 books (can you believe I only read two books this past year? tisk tisk!)
  • Successfully do a #31Encounters Month
  • Post on YouTube at least once a week (this one is going to be hard for me)
  • Post here on my blog at least twice a week (Monday and Thursday) for the whole year

These are just some of my goals / things I want to do in 2017.  There’s others like the typical, “get in shape” stuff, but let’s make it a little more challenging and exciting.  Things to push my limits and boundaries.

My Chinese Zodiac is the Rooster.  2017 is the year of the Rooster.  Let’s do this and grow and really make it our year.  Here’s to a new year, and really, just another day to make ourselves better.

See you around.



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Little bit of everything blogger from Oahu, Hawaii.

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