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Today I tested out Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation.  It claims to be waterproof, long wearing, full coverage, and have a matte finish.  It’s price is $40. I forgot to take a single product shot and only realized it a little too late.  I couldn’t get a nice night shot of it with my lighting.


Here, I’ve applied Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer and Vaseline Lip Therapy. Before putting on the foundation, I applied Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer as my base.


This was one full pump of the foundation blended out with a beauty blender.  You can see that even now, without setting, it is a matte foundation.

This is my completed look.  First impression and check in at 1:37pm.  This foundation was easily blended out and I like the matte finish.  I think the foundation is a good match for my skin.  I did have someone color match me and I was slightly in between colors and this one was the closest match.  I am in the shade 3.5 and if you use a MAC foundation, the one I was using was MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof in NC 25. I set the foundation with my favorite setting powder by Laura Mercier, just her loose setting powder.  I set the whole look with Maybelline’s Master Fix setting spray.

Second check in at 6:45pm.  I think the foundation is holding up really well.  It’s been a little over 5 hours.  I’ve walked the puppies and played with them outside and did a little cleaning around the house.

Sun has already started to set and I’m using my desk lights to help show what it looks like.  Everything seems intact and I don’t see any parts worn off.  There are a few smudges but I think it’s because I was playing with my puppies and they caught a few licks to my face.  My blush and bronzer are still visible so I hadn’t managed to rub it off or anything.  I still look matte and feel matte which I enjoy.  Normally around my nose I see it becoming oily and sometimes cakey.  Up close and personal, I don’t think it looks like freshly applied make up, but I think it’s looking great still.

Third check in at 10:17pm.  I’ve thrown on my glasses and started working at my desk.  You can kind of tell now that my oils have peaked through on my nose and around my nose.  It’s been almost 9 hours with the foundation on and overall I think it still looks pretty good.  Again, aside from the licks from the puppies, everything seems intact and I can still see my blush and bronzer.


Fourth and final check in at 12:28am.  I’ve taken off my glasses for this one.  You can see the nose pads of my glasses and that it’s disturbed my foundation.  It doesn’t look horrid in person.  My foundation around my nose has started to show oils peak through.

It’s been a total of 11 hours and I think this foundation did really well.  I would recommend this foundation to others to try.  You might not like it if you don’t like a matte look, but personally since I like a matte face, I enjoy the finish of this foundation.  It is full coverage and I used only one pump.  I’m sure two pumps would be plenty enough.

What foundations do you guys use?



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