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I got the sweater and heels from my local Saks Fifth Avenue and the shorts are from H&M.


Both of these outfits are entirely made up of items found at H&M minus the shoes.  The skirts are both on sale and you might not be as lucky to get your hands on them.

I’ve been comfortably sporting around heels and sandals all day, walking on average 15,000 steps in them thanks to using Sole Patches. I normally wear my trainers to work because its the most comfortable for me to wear if I’m running around all darn day.

Sole Patches, you can make them more permanent by taking the adhesive protector on the backing off and placing them accordingly in your shoes.  I use two per foot but if you don’t need or want one at your heel too, that’s fine.  You get six pieces in a pack. Otherwise if you don’t want to make them permanent in your shoes, you can stick them directly on your feet.

*cough* prom is coming up *cough* you’ll likely be wearing heels *cough*

I’ve been sporting my Sam Edelman heels more since they are so much more  comfortable to wear all day.  Before I would only wear them half day or for a few hours, and switch out to my shoes or flats.

But seriously, prom is around the corner.  If you’re going, you should start looking into finding comfortable shoe options.


*FTC DISCLAIMER: Sole Patches have been gifted to me, however all opinions are my own.


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